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Tap Dunk Basketball

Tap Dunk Basketball is a never-ending game where the object is to strike the ball into the goal while using intricate controls. The difficulty of the control comes from having to anticipate when to throw the ball so that it would properly strike the ring. You will see on the screen in front of you a basketball court. There will be a basketball hoop to the right, at a given height. The ball will be seen on the other side of the pitch, on the ground.
The ball always flies to a specific height and approaches the ring with just one touch. Toss the ball higher and tap more than once. Over time, you will become accustomed to ball control and physics. The first hit in the series is worth two points, followed by three points for two hits, four points for three hits, and so forth. Earn accomplishments to unlock all of the balls. Good fortune!

How To Play

Toss the ball up and tap. The ball will fly higher if the button is repeatedly pressed.

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