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Super Simple Soccer

All ages will enjoy playing Super Simple Soccer, a fast-paced action soccer game. With the arrow keys, the player can pass, fire, and manipulate his character. To outscore your opponent in goals scored is the object of the game. Due to this, Super Simple Soccer is a fantastic game for players who just want to have fun and don't care about adhering to many regulations. A wonderful game for players to practice their soccer abilities is Super Simple Soccer. You play as Blue Square in this game and go up against Red Square, the computer. Both teams will have computer-controlled goalkeepers that are individually assigned to each team. Move with the arrow keys, jump with Z, steal with X, and shoot with C. You simply need to score more goals than the computer before the timer expires to win; it's that easy.

How To Play

  • Use Z, X, C, and the arrow keys.

We hope you explore every intriguing aspect of this game. Then, we welcome you to take part in more 50 50 Ball Game-style games.

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