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Super Baseball

In Super Baseball, you'll experience the thrill of America's most adored baseball championship firsthand in an immersive virtual reality game. Playing as a slugger, you'll be representing one of the most famous baseball clubs in the nation. Together, your characters will stand on the field, prepared to confront whatever difficulties lie ahead.

Every spin matters in this thrilling game, where you'll find yourself competing at a high level. An experienced player from the other side is standing ready to toss the ball in your direction. Once the judge gives the signal, the truth will emerge. It is now your responsibility to utilize your lightning reflexes and strategic thinking skills to precisely time your shot by clicking at the correct moment.

As the action continues, your team will gain points, and the ball will fly through the air thanks to your hero's tremendous shot. In order to prove your baseball prowess and resolve, you'll have to overcome a number of hurdles and obstacles as you go through the game. You will experience a surge of excitement and the gratification of helping your team win with every shot that goes in.

How To Play

Just timing your touches correctly will allow you to hit the ball.

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