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Stickman Ping Pong

Stickman makes the decision to take part in Stickman Ping Pong, a table tennis championship that will take place in his hometown. You're going to assist him in winning these events. Face off against eight distinct opponents at a range of attainable levels. You'll receive encouragement from stick characters as you tap, hit, and slap your way to success.

A grid will divide it into two equal pieces. Your opponent will be on one side and your opponent will be on the other, each with a racket in hand. A ball is fed by someone at the signal. To move Stickman and force him to strike the ball with the racket, you will need to use the control keys. In order to score a goal, try to hit the ball so that its trajectory alters.

To defeat the next opponent and open the next table, you need to score five points. You'll even be able to play in new environments if you're up to the challenge. Ahead of the Stickman Ping Pong Tournament, get ready! Can you win ping-pong matches by defeating computer-controlled opponents?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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