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Stickman Fighting 2 Player

A free online game called Stickman Fighting 2 Player combines aspects of the "Stickman" and "2 Player" genres. A mess begins as soon as you step away from the sickening universe for a bit. No amount of hitting or shooting among individuals brandishing green and red sticks will cause them to settle down. However, the choice is ultimately yours because you will receive a new game as a result of their breakdown. The good news is that you can play it together, which is more engaging and surprising than playing it alone.

Stick people who behave like rag dolls make up the characters. And because of this, controlling them is incredibly difficult; they persistently refuse to obey, stumble, shoot inaccurately, stumble on numerous sharp objects, and splatter blood everywhere. But one of the methods to deal with him is to lure him into a circular saw.

How To Play

  • Mouse / WASD / Arrows = move

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