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Stickman Draw the Bridge

This drawing-based puzzle game Stickman Draw the Bridge only unlocks until you've finished building a road or a bridge. Make a bridge-like line that the stickman can drive through. Develop your reasoning and brain while learning to draw lines in a unique way! Try to finish every level to save the stickman!

A total of 32 levels make up the game, and each one gets harder than the last in terms of intricacy, length of time required to construct a bridge, and the regular introduction of new adversaries, traps, and obstacles.

How To Play

  • Your main objective is to create a bridge by drawing a straight line across gaps using the mouse on a computer or a finger on a mobile device.

As a result, start playing right away, have fun, and see what other fantastic games we have for you all. Each new level will be harder than the one before it, but also assuredly more entertaining. exactly My Unique Prom Look!

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