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Speedrun platformer


Speedrun Platformer is one of the most thrilling multiplayer racing games that we have ever added to our website. Although you are only competing against the clock and your own time on the screen, other players from around the world are comparing your runs and records, so pick a name and do your absolute best to keep beating your own records and move up the rankings!

How To Play

Each level must be finished in three minutes by getting to the end and jumping onto the golden trophy; else, you lose. Avoid touching any adversaries or other dangers or traps so that you don't lose all three of your lives, as you will also die if you do.

As you continue speedrunning, gather the coins and jewels along the path and spend them in the shop to purchase power-ups as well as new skins for your characters' bodies. Once that function is turned on, you can move, jump, and double jump using the WASD keys or the arrows.

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