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Space Room Escape

A cat by the name of Tom was caught in a trap, and in the captivating new online game Space Room Escape, you will be tasked with assisting the hero in escaping from the trap. When you look at the screen in front of you, you will see a room that is completely devoid of body weight. Your cat will be able to swim in it. In an undetermined area, a doorway that will lead to the subsequent level of the game will suddenly appear. You have the ability to control the flight of the cat by using the control keys. You will be responsible for ensuring that the cat flies throughout the room, avoiding collisions with traps, and that it successfully collects a variety of objects that are floating around in the room before arriving at the portal. As soon as you complete this task, your hero will be sent to the subsequent level, and you will receive a specific number of points in the game Space Room Escape as a reward for your efforts.

How To Play

To fly, tap the screen.

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