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Space Hoops

The online game Space Hoops is adored by both kids and adults. For individuals who feel themselves to be good, this is a serious task. The game resembles virtual basketball, but instead of basketballs and baskets in outer space, there is just one planet. For the ball to strike the hoop, you must select the proper flight path. Tap the screen to move the ball through the luminous rings in space. UFO will attempt to stop you, so arm yourself with as many power-ups as you can! The power-ups will move more slowly if they are frozen, and they will be useless for a while if they are disabled. By using gravity, tractor beams will alter your course. You get closer to discovering new themes for your ball and position with each goal you score. Throw as many strikes as you can before the time runs out. How many points are you able to earn?

How To Play

  • Employ mouse

We suggest playing Basketball School, another one of our well-liked games, if you want to have some fun. Enjoy!

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