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Soda Can Knockout

To advance through the levels of Soda Can Knockout, you must knock every soda can off the shelf. To topple the piles, aim your baseball with precision and strike the cans. The cans must be struck with the ball in order to topple the stacks and send all of the cans flying. Each soda can's color and shape will reveal how much weight it contains. The empty blue cans will fall over without much effort, but the other cans are heavier and will need to be struck more precisely in order to topple them.

We'll visit a unique attraction with the game's main character, where we may put our accuracy and focus to the test. You'll see soda cans on the screen in front of you. They will stack on top of one another to create a variety of geometric forms. The ball will be positioned at a specific distance. Tossing at these objects will require the use of the mouse. You will capture these objects if your vision is accurate, earning points in the process.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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