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Sniper Shot: Bullet Time


Sniper Shot: Bullet Time is here for the numerous fans of shooting games in 3D that we undoubtedly have on our website. This game was modeled after a virtual reality game with a comparable premise, and there have been other rip-offs added here before, so if those were to your liking, you will enjoy this one even more. Trust us on that.

Improve your bullet time and sniper shot accuracy with this brand-new shooting game in 3D!

Select the option that best suits your preferences from the main menu if you want the bloody mode on or off. Use the WASD arrow keys to move, the spacebar to leap, and the mouse to aim and fire. Right-click to aim, left-click to fire.

As a sniper, try shooting your targets from a distance since your sniper rifle permits it. Complete each level's objective—10 for the first one, for example—by shooting them all down. You will lose if you let your green health bar totally deplete since enemies will shoot at you as well if they spot you.

It's that easy, so now that you know, you're prepared to train as an elite sniper and take out the evil troops of the evil army right now!

How To Play

WASD (movement)

Aim with the right mouse button.

Shoot with the left mouse button.

Scroll to zoom in/out.

Space = jump

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