Slam Dunk Forever

Slam Dunk Forever


Slam Dunk Forever is unquestionably the best opportunity for you to demonstrate just how great of a basketball player and fan you are, as this game can only be played by professional basketball players or extremely devoted fans, as it requires quite a bit of knowledge in this area to aim and shoot with such precision at the basket. The basketballs will be suspended from each level above the basketball hoop, balancing and swinging endlessly left and right. You must choose the ideal moment to cut the rope holding the ball because at that point, it will begin to fall. Be sure to calculate the correct angle and, of course, the ideal moment to release the ball. The objective of the game is to put the ball through the hole as many times as you can; the game ends when you are unable to do so. Good luck and continue to demonstrate that you are a true master of this slam dunk motion! Get to work and demonstrate your talents, skills, and abilities before it's too late! Try this out!

How to play

Timing the release of the ball will help it fall into the hoop properly for a slam dunk.


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