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Skibidi Toilet Basketball

We're glad you're here! Skibidi Toilet Basketball is a fun game with excellent visuals and an original gameplay mechanic. In order to defeat the bathroom monsters and escape obstacles, you must employ strategy in this situation. Upgrade your abilities and compete with friends for the best outcomes.

The Skibidi toilet can be seen in a variety of settings, but now we're going to surprise you and present it in a totally unanticipated way. And the issue is that after watching a basketball game on a recent trip to Earth, he was inspired to introduce the game to his home planet. Finding sporting equipment is where difficulties start to arise. Balls and baskets were unfamiliar to his fellow countrymen, so the game had to be modified and invented. The answer he discovered will astound you with how creative it is.

Skibidi splits in two, forcing you to utilize its head in place of the ball and turning the toilet into a basket. You must aim for the target, and the dotted line will assist you in doing so. Each level will increase the difficulty of the endeavor, introduce new obstacles, and require greater dexterity as well as quick thinking to precisely calculate the throw's trajectory. Once you've gained sufficient experience in this surprise game, you can either invite your friends and compete with them or rack up the most points possible in the Skibidi Toilet Basketball game to take the top spot globally.

How To Play

  • Employ arrow keys.

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