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Skateboard Challenge


We invite you to enjoy the best times with Skateboard Challenge right now because we are aware of how much our website visitors enjoy playing the best skateboarding games online. Skateboard Challenge is high-quality, playable on mobile devices like phones and tablets, and it has incredible and entertaining levels after incredible levels.

How To Play

Familiarize yourself with your controls:

Click Z to kickflip.

heelflip with C

X is up for grabs.

room for press for Ollies

To perform a 5-0 grind, land on the rail and press left, right, or down. To perform a noseslide, push down. 

We wish you the best and hope that you will start playing the game right away before perhaps checking out more of our daily material. Each new level has a more challenging but also more enjoyable path than the one before it.

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