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Ship Control 3D

Set out on a thrilling adventure in Ship Control 3D's captivating tropical island setting. In this captivating game, you will be in charge of a small ship that is tasked with carrying supplies to the island's residents. It offers a distinctive blend of adventure, strategy, and skill.

The serene environment of the game stands in stark contrast to the difficulties you'll face while navigating hazardous waterways. It is your task to deliver water and food to the island, where visitors depend on the fruit that grows there for their livelihood. But the route to the islands is treacherous and demands all of your skill and attention.

It is difficult to steer the ship around reefs and other potentially harmful obstructions. You'll have to use all of your ship handling skills to avoid these hazards and make it to the beach without incident. Every new path you take in the game will provide a more difficult task, demanding your complete concentration and resolve.

How To Play

  • Move your spacecraft with a drag-and-swipe.
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