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Shen Gong Hoops

Your agility and accuracy will be put to the test in the action-adventure basketball game Shen Gong Hoops. Because only you are capable of achieving your objectives in this game, you will require these traits. You have to toss the ball into the basket in this game of basketball, but watch out because the enemy's chimney will attempt to block your shot. Before time runs out, you need to throw as many baskets as you can; therefore, you must pay attention and wait for the appropriate opportunity. You can see the timer and the total amount of points earned on the right side of the screen. You can rise to the top among the best players if you bring out lots of baskets. If your first attempt is unsuccessful, I advise you to try again because the podium is only accessible to those who persevere. You only need to maneuver and throw the ball into the hoop with the mouse in this game.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

You'll enjoy other games on our site, such as Hot Shots, if you enjoy basketball. Shooting rings from various angles and distances is required in this difficult game. Look it up right away!

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