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Shaun The Sheep Flock Together

You'll assist the charming and amusing Sean and his siblings in the game Shaun the Sheep Flock Together as they construct a lofty structure. On the screen in front of you, there will be a warehouse displayed. Under the roof, a unique mechanism that may pivot to the right or left will be installed. It will have a rope with a hook on it. The hook will be fastened to the lambs. You'll need to throw one of them to the ground after moving. Once it hits the ground, the following sheep will emerge. You'll need to accurately predict the time and reset the first time. The third one will then be folded in the same manner. You can build the sheep tower over time by carrying out these tasks.

You must sort the sheep by using the arrow keys to move the sheep of the same color as they are dropped from the top of the screen while wearing various colored clothing. If you have at least three of them together, you will delete that group and receive points in return.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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