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Shaun The Sheep Chick n Spoon

You can assist Shaun in Shaun the Sheep Chick N Spoon by assisting him in winning a friendly running tournament that he and his friends decided to organize. Help him carry the egg as far as possible without cracking it while it is mounted on a spoon. To earn bonus points, you must hurl the egg upward while collecting stars. Important details in this game of Shaun the Sheep because if you succeed, you could share the podium with the world's top competitors. To move, you must use the mouse.

You will see your character at the starting line on the screen in front of you. He will be holding a spoon in his hand, on which the egg will be placed. The objective is to run the route without breaking the egg. When the signal is given, your hero will dash forward while accelerating progressively. You must focus intently on the screen. There will be obstacles and holes in the ground on your hero's path. He will leap and fly through the air while you direct him through each of these perilous passages. Don't let the egg fall to the floor, and keep the spoon poised. Additionally, gather coins and other items that will reward you with points and benefits as you go.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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