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Shatter Glass

A one-of-a-kind and enjoyable game, Shattered Glass blends devastation with pinpoint accuracy. In the context of the kitchen, it refines the formula for releasing its internal environment, causing these fragments to take on various shapes and sizes. It takes a steady hand and strategic thought to prevail at this game, despite its seemingly simple idea.

Upon beginning the game, players will notice a table stocked with various-sized and shaped phones. A variety of sizes of balls materialize above the table, ready to be tossed into the cups below. The objective is to position the balls so they land directly on top of the glass, and then to launch them so they smash against it upon impact.

There are a lot of tricks packed into the simple playing mechanism. Before letting go, the player must manipulate the ball's trajectory across space. As it nears the glass, the ball's speed increases, so a clean strike requires pinpoint accuracy. If the player's glasses are missing, they will experience a slide and will need to attempt again to get a different outcome.

With realistic gem configurations and sharp engine visuals, the game's graphics are aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the immersive experience. The pleasing sound effects really raise the thrill factor, especially the sound of glass shattering when touched.

How To Play

  • Handled mouse controls

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