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Santa Basket

You shouldn't overlook Santa Basket, a very popular holiday basketball variation. You will encounter a spherical Santa who will serve as a ball when you enter the game Santa's Basket. It must be thrown into the basket. You can see the scale below the ball start to fill up by clicking on it. If you can't throw the ball into the basket, you forfeit a turn. Aim correctly for the basket and throw the ball there. The player has a maximum of three turns before the game resets. In this game, you must determine the angle for each shot on your own. Your estimation may be off, but after a few plays, you will grow accustomed to it. The white arrow you place before throwing will show the throw's flight path. The basket's location will shift, and along the route, wooden crates will be seen that can be destroyed for extra Santa's Basket points.

How To Play

  • Only one tap or click is needed to play.

In every basketball game, develop your skills and show off your talent. In other games like Basket 3D that are comparable to this one, you will need to practice basketball every day to keep up with your opponent.

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