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Robot Ring Fighting Wrestling Games

Robots and monsters compete in the Robot Ring Fighting Wrestling Games championship instead of humans. This game requires you to demonstrate your strength and agility in addition to your wrestling skills. You play as a fighting robot in a ring where it uses its special skills to throw punches and kicks with great force. The player who successfully overcomes the opposition by utilizing the robot's arms and legs wins.

You select who you will play before the fight begins, and the adversaries then show up in the arena. Hit your opponent as frequently and correctly as you can. He will need to repeatedly succeed in breaking through in order to avoid being eliminated with a simple slap in the face. You can concentrate on the combat because the controls are easy to use. Devastating blows can be thrown, attacks can be blocked, and thrilling matches can be won. To increase excitement and engagement, the game also gives you the chance to modify your robot and receive wonderful rewards for your victories.

How To Play

  • To strike the disc, tap.

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