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Real Bike Race

Real Bike Race lets you play motocross racing with stunning visuals. Today, the street racing scene will host illegal vehicle races on the streets of Chicago, the US capital. You can take part in them in this game. Test out our freshly created physics engine, which features a variety of control and handling options for everything from scooters to super sports bikes. Discover surrealism in the palm of your hand, let your competitive nature run wild, and exceed the posted speed limit.

You will have the choice to purchase a sports bike from the available selections at the beginning of the game. It will have certain specs and be fast. Then you'll find yourself on the street with competitors. You can raise the forward speed gradually by opening the throttle. It is your responsibility to travel the designated path as quickly as you can. You must make a lot of sharp curves and frequently pass opposing motorcycles and vehicles. You can purchase a new motorcycle for yourself after you have enough of them.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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