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Puppet Hockey

Puppet Hockey is a fantastic and thrilling hockey adventure that allows you the chance to utilize the arrow keys to show that you are the best athlete ever. Try your best not to blow it and run out of space or encounter any other problems that could lead to your opponent defeating you.

Good luck! Begin by entering the competition, then use your available coins to purchase a player from the nation of your choice. This will force you to check your winnings and coin totals at the end of each game. his recording! Obtain all trophies and achievements possible to become the most trophy-laden sports puppet ever.

How To Play

with the arrow keys and space bar

It really is that easy, so now that you are aware of everything, you should be prepared to begin having fun right away. After that, we cordially invite you to continue having fun by playing our fantastic new games. such as Capybara Clicker!

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