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Pro Cricket Champion

Playing the thrilling cricket game Pro Cricket Champion transports you to a place like England, where you can take part in Pro Cricket Champion matches. As the slugger in this game, your objective is to hit the ball as far as you can while protecting your gate.

You pick up a stick at the beginning of the game and take a specific stance. The gate that you will guard is behind you. When the other team tosses the ball in goal, you have to watch the player closely and figure out how fast and where he will fly. After you've determined these variables, your hero will use a bat to strike the ball when you click the mouse on the screen.

You have to time it precisely to hit the ball as far as you can, which makes the game difficult. You score more points the farther you hit the ball. You must be cautious not to allow the other team to score too many points since they will also attempt to strike the ball as far as they can.

How To Play

  • To guarantee a flawless shot, time your swing. Continue doing it, but watch out for the obstacles that lie ahead!

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