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Presidential Golf

The newest simulation game on the scene, President Golf, transports players to the most prestigious golf clubs on the planet through an immersive experience. The idea of the game is straightforward but entertaining: the player assumes the character of a president who is flown to an opulent golf club via helicopter. They were given a club when they landed, and their golf journey started.

The gorgeous visuals of the game, which feature immaculately tended green lawns, crystal-clear water, and lush green grass, will whisk players away to an opulent and prosperous world. Every element of the game, from the golf balls' elaborate shape to their bounce off the ground, demonstrates attention to detail.

The player must use the mouse or touchpad to hit the ball in this simple and basic game. With a realistic physics engine, players can precisely predict the direction and speed of their projectiles. In order to put the player's talents to the test, the game also includes a range of difficulties and obstacles, such as intricate underwater barriers and sand traps that call for exact shots.

How To Play

Use the mouse

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