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Potion Flip


Potion Flip is a game that falls under the category of magicians and tasks players with developing as close of a relationship as they can with a bottle of enchantment. The bottle that contains the magic potion is very playful, and its primary ability is to jump as much as possible through the room in which it is located. However, you will need to direct it so that you reach the boiler (pot) with magic, where Harry Potter prepares the majority of the new magic solution. This is a no-cost game that can be played at Basketball Stars.

Pay close attention to everything going on around you and make every effort to avoid making any mistakes, as doing so could endanger your life. You will be able to break the bottle if you accidentally drop it, and the magician will demand an explanation from you as a result of this misdeed. You will be awarded bonus points at the end of each level that you are successful in completing. These points can help you feel more satisfied with the game overall, and you can use them to unlock new levels and missions, such as the one that starts you off with the jumping magic potion.

How To Play

To turn the potion, either click or tap on it.

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