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Pole Vault 3D

You can take part in this tournament in the Pole Vault 3D game and support your hero's victory. You will first be in control of a blank stickman avatar. However, as you move on, you complete the levels, win the races, and advance. You may unlock new avatars to race with, and we know you'll have fun doing it.

Your figure will appear in front of you on the screen, standing at the starting line with a pole of a specific length in his hand. He will move forward and pick up speed as soon as there is a signal. Pay close attention to the display. Click your mouse on the screen whenever your hero has moved a set distance toward the hole in the ground.

Then, while running and jumping, he will drive his pole into the earth. Your hero will fly through the hole in the ground into the air if your calculations are accurate. There will be a certain number of points awarded for this jump. You will encounter greater challenges with each new round, but we are confident that with determination and ability, you can handle anything.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

As you participate in this game, good luck and best wishes. Play further entertaining games like Rowing 2 Sculls. Only here may one find happiness!

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