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Pokey Ball Jumper

To find the treasure in the intriguing new game Pokey Ball Jumper, you must control a bouncing ball and advance to the top level. In order to make the ball jump as high as possible, players must stretch the ball and release it at the proper moment. The player must touch the screen and insert the needle into the available wall in order to retain the ball in its proper place. But when playing, be careful because the needle won't attach to the hard wall. In order for the ball to jump higher, players must be patient when navigating obstacles and drop the ball at the right moment.

The issue is that there are no steps in the tower, so you must climb a vertical wall. The ball you choose will appear on the screen in front of you. A rod that emerges from it will be fastened to the wall. By clicking on the ball, you must dial a particular number. When ready, execute. Your ball will shoot back with a stick after ascending a particular height, using it to attach itself to the wall. Your hero will ascend to the tower's peak by carrying out these deeds. Do you want to win this game's richest player award? So let's get going!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

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