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Plane Racing Madness


An entertaining aviation game is called Plane Racing Madness. Have you ever fantasized about piloting a heavily modified aircraft that serves only as a killing machine? In this survival combat plane racing game, you can fly and compete with your plane in 3D settings. Play customized World War II modified planes in a difficult racing setting with fun levels, powerups, and landscapes with true 3D physics. The most accurate warplane simulator available!

How To Play

Keyboard: Arrows (Up, Down, Left, Right) For player 1, the keys Turn left, right, up, or down. -X, Booster -Pause: C -Space for power-up -N cameras -P or Escape to pause Player 2's actions Keys-WASD keypad (W, A, S, D) For player 2, the keys You may also set your own keys.

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