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Pinball World Cup


One of the arcade games that translates the most to a virtual environment is Pinball World Cup, so we now hope to see you smash all the pinball machines! Pinball World Cup is a game added for all of you who want to practice or test your skills at playing pinball games online, which have always been a staple.

The Pinball World Cup is available online.

Each of the 20 stages in the competition is harder than the last in terms of the machine's difficulty, and depending on how well you perform, you can earn one to three stars there.

Like in soccer, you must score goals in order to win a level. However, instead of using the ball to shoot through the paddles of the pinball machine, you use the left and right arrows to control them.

Focus on being quick and talented, focused and manipulating the paddles as well as possible, as the shorter time it takes you to complete a level, the more stars you will receive at the conclusion of the level. Start now, would you say?

How To Play

To score goals, strike the paddles.

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