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Penalty Shooters 3

Penalty Shoots 3, a brand-new online game, will see you taking penalties in different football matches in its third installment. The opponent's goalkeeper will be defending a gate that is displayed to you on the screen. There will be a ball close to the goal, far away, and your man will stand on it. A distinctive dotted line will appear when you click on the ball. You can use it to determine the attack's power and trajectory and carry it out. The ball has a specific flight path and will precisely strike the target. In the game Penalty Shooter 3, you will receive points for scoring a goal in this manner.

There are two intriguing modes available to players. 'Level Mode' lets you go through six tough stages, each harder than the last. The "World Cup" option immerses you in a worldwide competitive environment where you can learn what it's like to face off against strong AI opponents in expansive areas that constantly adjust and improve their skills as you advance. That's instant soccer expertise at your fingertips!

You may also personalize your players' jerseys in the game, which heightens the excitement of following their rise from unremarkable training field beginnings to international fame. Beneath the colorful graphics and vast gameplay, though, is a task that will put your timing to the test.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

We have thrilling options, such the addicting Football Kickoff, in addition to the classic sports games. Aim for the win and take pleasure in the amusement this game provides!

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