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Penalty Kick Online

In the incredibly entertaining soccer game Penalty Kick Online, you play as a player who is awarded a penalty kick. You can play the game online. By finishing trophy collections, you can flaunt your accomplishments in online gaming. Keep in mind that you will have 15 chances to score, so make the most of them. Additionally, the number of goalkeepers rises with each level, making the game more challenging! The team with the most goals at the end of five rounds wins the game!

If you're unaware, Penalty Kick Online is one of those engrossing sports games where you play against different players in a free kick competition. The primary distinction is that players can earn additional shots by working out arithmetic problems. While it could appear that this makes the game somewhat repetitive, it actually merely increases the intensity to a new level.

You must successfully clear the crossbar of the opposing goalie in this free kick game. You can showcase your accomplishments in online gaming once you've finished building up your trophy collection. While the player is shooting, click and swipe your cursor over the ball. And be careful! If you swipe too far, you might miss it!

If this is your first time, you get another chance if you correctly solve a math problem. With each succeeding level, there are more goalkeepers, making the game harder! After five rounds, the team with the most goals wins the match!

Take pleasure in penalty shootouts as if you were watching the FIFA World Cup final in 2022. Play for free against the toughest teams and make the best saves to win the world championship. How many goals can you actually score in so little time?

How To Play

To make the shot as a player, click and swipe your cursor over the ball. You could miss if you swipe too far, so be careful!

Move your cursor to block the shot like a goalkeeper.

If you successfully complete one task, you can earn another turn if you successfully complete the first. After five rounds, score the most goals to win the game!

On our website, you can also play other entertaining Sports games. I hope you succeed and reach the top! Enjoy your gaming!

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