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Nick Basketball Stars 3

In Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 3, your favorite Nickelodeon animated characters are prepared to compete against you on the basketball court. These heroes are Patrick, SpongeBob, Alvin, Red Ranger, Captain Man, and Henry ward from the Loyd family. After selecting a character, you will be directed to the location where you must assist that character in putting the ball in the basket. Top-down views are used to play the game. The arrow keys are used to maneuver your squad around the field, while the spacebar is used to fire the ball. Additionally, the shift key can be used to execute unique movements like dunks and layups. To outscore your opponent in the game is the objective. Use the spacebar and the arrow keys. The right toss will result in points. Among the cartoon characters, the basketball star will be the one with the most points.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.

Basketball is enjoyable in the same way that other competitive sports are. Our action page features free versions of popular games like Nick Basketball Stars 2. Now is the time to begin. How exciting!

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