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Muffy's Wardrobe

In Muffy's Wardrobe, Arthur's sister is the main character. Muffy, like most girls, is very concerned with her appearance; therefore, your goal will be to make sure she always looks wonderful. Continue reading the description to learn more about the tasks you must complete in the game. First, you decide whether Muffy should dress for ballet, basketball, fishing, skiing, or going to the beach. After deciding on an activity, assist Muffy in getting ready. She requires a shirt, bottoms, a pair of shoes, and one additional item. Then, you can pick one of four categories of clothing from her wardrobe: tops, pants, shoes, or accessories. Choose a specific piece for each of them, and make sure Muffy looks amazing for the event. Drag or click an item to add Muffy. Drag something back into the closet to take it out. Click Done when you're done.

How To Play

  • Employ the mouse.

You can see that there are numerous activities that you can engage in while having a great time. Therefore, begin playing this game right away, and don't forget to have fun playing more games like Violetta and Ludmila Basketball.

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