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Moto Maniac 3

The thrilling motorcycle game Moto Maniac 3 will put your testing abilities to the absolute limit. Be prepared to climb over trees and rocks because the tryout will be in a forest. You will continue to take part in motorcycle racing competitions in this game that are held in numerous nations all over the world.

Your character is seated at the wheel of a motorcycle in front of you on the screen. It will be situated at the start of a path that has been especially designed. He will move forward and accelerate when instructed to turn the throttle. He will travel a route that includes challenging terrain. Along the route, several dance forms will be organized.

Without stopping, your hero will have to jump and fly across all of these perilous areas. You can earn a specific number of points for each trick you pull off while you're jumping. Welcome to the game right now; have fun! A wonderful time!

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys.

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