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Moto Maniac 2

You can play the thrilling dirt bike racing game Moto Maniac 2 online right now for free. Our motorcycle enthusiast made the decision to make his assignment more difficult by choosing to travel the most challenging route at night and in the low light of lanterns. He has a challenging task ahead of him. Become the most courageous and skilled bike racer ever and compete on the wackiest tracks with ramps and other obstacles. Make every level's finish line your goal by moving as swiftly as you can.

You must jump right away since there is no other option. There is a gap that must be flown through in order to safely land on the other side; otherwise, it will not be much simpler. In some places, you won't be able to see where your rider jumps since you don't have a decent viewpoint. You must properly set your brakes and speed in order to get around any impediment.

You can perform fantastic front or back flips like a true pro in this horizontal motorbike racing game while racing through platforms and ramps with cool, realistic physics. Have fun and travel as far as you can!

How To Play

  • Up (or W) or Down (or S): Drive forward or backward
  • Left (or A) or Right (or D): Tilt left or right

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