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Mini Golf

Mini Golf, a thrilling game that blends the excitement of golf with the allure of miniature golf courses, is an ideal hobby for both serious golfers and those who play for fun. In this game, you'll go on an adventure to host a mini-golf competition amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes. The game's addictive simplicity immediately captivated players of all ages.

The object of each level is to guide the ball into the red-flagged hole while it is in a fixed location. The ball will go back to its original location after each of your three failed tries to sink it. Aiming using a short dotted line is a feature exclusive to this game. A measure of the impact's force is the level of filling in this line.

Playing the game is easy because of how simple the aim is, but the courses get progressively more difficult as you go through the stages. Hills, craters, and obstacles test your mettle and perseverance. Nevertheless, these challenges are easily surmounted with the help of the game's user-friendly controls. Get out there and play some golf today!

How To Play

  • Play with your fingers or the mouse.

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