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Mindys Moonball

You will play ball with Mindy in Mindys Moonball, and you will play ball all around the solar system, starting with Earth. The girl journeys around the solar system with her astronaut companions. Adventures and new friends are a part of every trip. You're going to learn a new game from Mindy this time. The entire Earth team was taught how to play moon basketball before their next voyage by the aliens. To control the ball's trajectory, you will use the mouse. Try to position the ball so that it will not only pass through the hoop but also pick up stars along the way. Of course, you'll use your mouse to complete all of these tasks. Start now and take advantage of your time here as only you can!

How To Play

  • Utilize the mouse.

Playing immediately will help you succeed, so get going. We promise that this game and others like Fun Basketball will be a lot of fun for you!

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