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Lucky Fisherman


Lucky Fisherman is an easy-to-play and entertaining arcade game. In this fishing simulation, you earn points for other items you find in the water's depths, in addition to the fish you catch. Seaweed and roe are included in the category. Try to get some of the treasure chests open. They might also have advantages like more money, free time, or speed. Remember that you have a limited amount of time, so if you want to quickly earn the highest score possible, you can consider using your score points to buy extra items.

How To Play

Simply tap or use a mouse to cast a rod and entice fish toward the boat. Large hooked fish earn the angler bonus points. You have one minute to finish the task since, fortunately, all points add up. The more fish you catch in the first level, the easier the second. But keep in mind that there are bigger goals to achieve on each level following that. In this massive, free tycoon game, demonstrate your fishing prowess!

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