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Looney Tunes Space Jam

Basketball shooting video game Looney Tunes: Space Jam is based on the 1996 motion picture of the same name. You play as Bugs Bunny in this basketball shooting practice game. To try to get the highest score possible, you have exactly one minute to score three points. In this game, there are five stations scattered around the three-point line. Each location has five basketballs available. You will receive one point for a successful hit with a standard basketball and two points for a successful hit with a ball that has a certain color. A flawless shot is ensured by a perfect hit on target. If you can't hit the initial shot precisely, try to figure out the station's angle and make use of the board. Can you hit at least half the balls with your shot?

How To Play

Simply press the spacebar or left mouse button when the ball indicator is in the center of the target to make a shot and score.

If you're looking for another hard basketball game where you'll need to perfect your dunks, I highly recommend checking out Net Blazer.

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