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Lobotomy Dash

Prepare to let your wild side shine through in Lobotomy Dash! This insanely fun game breaks away from the usual platforming formula by showcasing rhythmic defiance and embracing the ridiculous. Here, timing is king, and pixel-perfect dance routines are a thing of the past.

As you guide the cube through an insanity-inducing maze, you'll test your reasoning and sanity. You won't be racing against the clock, but rather to the beat of the music as you dodge strange obstacles. Embracing the absurd and allowing your inner maniac to take charge is more important than speed or precision.

Anyone looking for the challenge of the unusual and the joy of controlling the unexpected will love this game, not just fans of Geometry Dash. Get ready to let your inner mania shine through and join the mayhem right now!

How To Play

In this game, the arrow keys are your plaything.

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