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Linear Basketball

In the modern world, none of this is imaginable, yet with Linear Basketball, nothing is insurmountable. You'll start playing basketball. You must finish the assignments in order to win. Your reflexes will become quicker, and you'll develop caution. To ensure that each ball enters the basket swiftly and precisely, you must calculate it. Always be aware of any bombs nearby. The player must draw lines in order to lead the ball into the ring. This won't be easy if you don't pay heed to hazards like bombs. They will hurt you and make it impossible for you to finish the round. With each round, you will have three balls to guide into the hoop. If you don't utilize all three balls and don't finish the task in the allotted time, you'll lose.

How To Play

  • To play, touch the screen.

Hone your basketball abilities and show off your talent in entertaining games much like Basketball Legends 2020. You need to put in the time at the gym since your opponent never rests.

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