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Laddu Champion

Laddu Champion is a free online platform game that you can play on our website. Food is gently slung from a rope in this game. Laddu must be timed to drop nicely into the basket in order to score a slam dunk. How many flawless catches are you capable of? This level allows you unlimited play with bonus points awarded for traits like quickness, bounce, and accuracy. The presence of several impediments, such as spikes and barriers, should be taken into consideration. Let's work to earn money so we can buy springs and magnets for aid.

How To Play

  • Laddu dipped down in time to make a stunning basket to score the shot.

Our basketball is always developing in new ways. As more playable characters, skins, and game types are added to Ball Pass 3D, there will undoubtedly be more games much like it in the near future.

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