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Kung Fu Hoops Madness

You have to play the basketball game Kung Fu Hoops Madness and battle Panda Po. Po excels at martial arts and can use them to play basketball. Start by deciding between degrees of difficulty for beginners and experts. After clicking the ball, you move the mouse in the desired direction to determine the trajectory. Release the mouse to shoot when you believe you have chosen wisely; it's that easy. Additionally, before launching the ball into the ring, you must adjust its trajectory. Each character will continue to play until they have taken exactly four hits. The first person tossing four balls wins. There will be a record of both your hits and the hits of the dragon fighter when you look at the number of hits in the upper block of the game screen. Try to properly adjust the ball's angle before each strike so that the circle can be easily reached.

How To Play

  • Employ the mouse.

As you can see, you can do a lot of different things and have a lot of fun. So start this game now, and don't forget to experience more fun in other games like Beyblade Basketball.

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