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Just One

In the cooperative team game Just One, your goal is to decipher as many cryptic sentences as you can. Discover the most useful hints to aid your teammates. Because identical hints will be destroyed, be distinctive!

13 cards are needed to play the entire game. To go as near to 13 as you can in scoring. If the response is accurate, the player receives 1 point. If they give the incorrect response, they drop both their current card and the top card of the deck. That costs you two points. In the event of an incorrect response, the player merely loses the current card and receives just 1 point. Prepare yourself to score the most points with just one toss. Enjoy this fictitious game of free throws!

How To Play

  • To play this game, use a keyboard and a mouse.

You won't regret playing this game at all, so try it out right away. We hope you will let your friends know about our game and ask them to play more entertaining games like Flick Basketball with us.

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