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Jump Dunk 3D

It's entertaining to play a specific basketball game in Jump Dunk 3D. Although the sport of basketball has been significantly modified and augmented, this game is particularly for basketball. Race mode will be used for competitions. A lengthy race involving two colored stickmen, a board with a basket, and a tiny circular trike will take place. You will instruct the athlete to throw the ball as he bounces on the trampoline. To hit the large glass, your objective is to jump on the trampoline and toss the ball. You must time your throw well to avoid missing. You will play against enemies in the following levels that you must vanquish. As a result, you must move as quickly as you can. Do your best since there will also be more glasses. Move rapidly to outpace your competitors.

How To Play

  • To play, click.

Our basketball strategy is always changing. As more characters, skins, and game modes are created, keep an eye out for more thrilling new video games like Wake Up Buddy!

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