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Jolly Volley

The weird mucus-only critters that inhabit the realm of Jolly Volley make for an engaging and poisonous game. Known for their passion for athletics, these beings currently host basketball competitions. You, the player, have been invited to take part in this thrilling competition and lead your character to victory.

With the nets dividing the field, the action starts with an offensive possession of the ball. Scoring more goals than your opponent on the opposite side is your objective. The game's basics are straightforward, but mastering them calls for strategy and expertise.

Time is one of the most crucial factors. To hit the ball at the correct moment, you must precisely time your jumps. Missing the ball or hitting it too hard might send it flying out of bounds, so timing your jump correctly is crucial. Blocking shots also requires precise timing, as you need to leap and flash the ball in the direction of your opponent at just the right moment. Why not test your basketball skills against those of these slimy animals and see who comes out on top?

How To Play

  • Alter the color by pressing and holding.
  • Just let go and jump.

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