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Infinite Golf Star

A challenging golf simulation game called Infinite Golf Star transports players to the world championship, where they can compete for the desired title. Both new players and fans of golf will find the game's vivid graphics and realistic physics engine to be entertaining.

Players will be greeted with an exquisite playing field with lush vegetation, sand, and water traps at the beginning of the game. The hole is marked by a flag at one end of the field, and a ball is positioned at the other. The player can draw a dotted line to help compute the ball's trajectory and force by clicking on it with the tower. Players can hit the ball precisely and make accurate shots thanks to this feature.

In this incredibly lifelike game, the wind speed, terrain slope, and contact angle all affect the ball's movement. Players now have an additional level of difficulty because they have to take these things into account when making shots. Grab your clubs, and let's win now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse

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