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Hoops Champ 3D

In Hoops Champ 3D, lob all the basketballs around! You now have the chance to demonstrate your throwing prowess to the world on the most exciting basketball court ever. You can play more than 200 thrilling basketball levels in this game. You will develop as a player as you progress through the levels, in addition to enjoying the sensation of shooting hoops. The rounds get more exciting with each new level, which is a good thing. To throw the ball, all you have to do is left-click, move your cursor to where you want it to go, and then let go of the button. To improve your accuracy, use a clear depiction of the ball's trajectory. Remember to use your coins to get new skins as well!

How To Play

  • When you're ready to toss the ball, let go of the left mouse button after using it to aim.

Use every game as a chance to improve your basketball abilities and show off your talent. In Basket Battle and other games with similar mechanics, you'll need to put in daily hoops practice if you want to stay competitive.

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