Gravity Soccer 3

Gravity Soccer 3


Gravity Soccer 3 is a fun puzzle of our selected sports games. Click on the bomb to make the ball roll in the opposite direction, and click on the puncher to push your ball forward. Want to get all the stars for the final victory?

How to play

It's time to squeeze your brain out with Gravity Soccer 3, which uses logic and the laws of physics with precision. Watch each level very carefully and get ready to destroy blocks, activate bombs and do everything necessary to try to push the ball on target and score!

You also have to try to collect all the stars scattered throughout each level! Act patiently and at the right time, through dozens of levels filled with puzzles to solve and countless goals to score. Are you ready to overcome the many surprises waiting for you on the other side of the screen full of fun? I hope you have a nice time!

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